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Sally Gilson born in 1958 to Dorothy and Laurie Gilson in Sydney Australia and has a brother Laurence we grew up in Sydney until the death of our Mother in 1967, this affected us both greatly our loved home was sold with our treasured toys and belongings.

Our next journey was to travel to Culburra not far from Wollongong which is a name by the aborigine’s windy place, this is so true when the sands cut through you like a knife.

From there we took a journey to Port Macquarie where Laurie Gilson our father bought a boat shed succeeding as a small business. From selling the boat shed he turned to drinking heavily, leaving both Laurence and Sally to roam the streets on the weekend getting kicked out of hotel swimming pools in summer.

Because of the life experiences a book has been written called Influence in Australia by Louise Foster can be purchased from Amazon.

Times have been hard and financially a lot of struggles, Sally got married in February 1982 and bought her first home at the age of 20 and paid the house off by the age of 26, this was through working three jobs and running the home so both herself and Paul could travel the world.

This dream was stolen from a divorce where Paul felt he should own 100% of the estate because of the pains he felt. Sally was forced to go through the legal system and claimed barely 50% of the estate.

Sally decided to put her money in a flat in Australia which was destroyed by tenants and caused further losses she then travelled to live with her closest friend in Northern Territory and loved the beautiful country side and the outback way of life.

With the help of her dear friends who knew how much it meant for Sally to live her dream she travelled to England, this was testing since Sally did not have much money although her dreams and ambitions and visualization and believe was strong years later Sally is still in England.

Does Sally have any regrets? No, travelled, not to the extend of her dreams, have great friendships and cats that love her and a great family you could say she is very rich in life quality and enjoys herself.

Through many jobs Sally has learnt a great deal, turning companies around and taught the skills learnt and gained many successes.

Recent years Sally saved many cats that had been dumped and now enjoy the love and pleasure these wonderful furry friends give.

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